Cash for Annuities

Your annuity was probably a great investment when you purchased it. But perhaps things have changed in your life and you want cash from your annuity.

Our Annuity Buy-Out Program will help you get the most cash today for your future annuity payments. Whether you need to sell all or just part of your annuity, our advisors will develop a solution to meet your goals.

We do not sell insurance products or fund annuities for individuals. Rather we help you receive liquidity from your future annuity payments. Our reputation in our industry is second to none.

Our Annuity Buy-Out program is designed to help you reach maximum value for your future annuity payments in order to meet their current financial needs. Annuitants have had access to this, yet our services have been difficult to find until now.

Settlement Capital is here to assist you when you need access to a portion or all of your future annuity payments. Individuals have the ability to sell all or just a portion of their future payments. Here is how the process works:

  1. Contact Settlement Capital to receive a free no obligation quote.
  2. Complete and Return the Contract we send to you
  3. We will verify the payment info with the insurance / annuity provider and complete the address change
  4. We will send you a wire or check for the agreed upon amount!

Settlement Capital Corporation provides the best value and customer service in the industry so you can get the most cash for your annuity payments now.